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Goral Vodka symbolizes strength and endurance of Gorals, who have always lived in the hills and valleys of the carpathian mountains, in the heart of Europe – the High Tatras. Sparkling purity, strength and softness characterizes Goral Vodka, awarded by many experts and medals. It is made from selected varieties of wheat grown a traditional and natural way, from the tatra water springs, 7 time distillation and traditional ltration.


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Goral Vodka tasters say that it is pleasantly strong with a clean bouqet and very smooth and soft bite. Thanks to the extraordinary softness, smoothness and cleanliness it becomes a symbol of proud and courageous men with exquisite taste. Many experts have already appreciated the sparkling crystal appearance, colorless clarity and peculiar softness of the Goral Vodka smell and taste.These attributes, do not only make the momentary fine mature taste stand out, but it also brings a harmony of feelings accompanying the final spicy - velvety feel.


Goral Vodka is made from selected varieties of wheat grown in a traditional and natural way. This material is subjected to the further cultivation in the 7 times distillation process, and mixed with the spring Tatra water 7 times filtered through charcoal and natural stone. Goral Vodka is excellent not only in pure form, freezingly cold, but mixed drinks lovers will also certainly appreciate it when prepararing various cocktails.

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Goralská pálenka (The Goral spirit) represents wealth of the untouched nature and masterful skill of Goral people preserved in traditional distilling recipes. Goral people have been living in peaks and valleys of Carpathian Mountains in the heart of Europe – High Tatras from immemorial time.

Goral Plum 52%


Pilot product in the proprietary line of genuine spirits distinguished by refinement, natural character and original design for the top fruit spirits. Traditional distillation based on selected plum varieties keeps the natural aroma of the high-grade raw material and continues hand in hand in technologically perfect cellaring, blending and the subsequent packing into attractive packs.

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You must be 18+ to purchase alcohol products!

You must be 18+ to purchase alcohol products!

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