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This super fine product is refined by carbo-filtration process which guarantees the smoothness and gentleness in terms of human senses. In this phase ethanol proceeds to tight analytical and sensorial tests that give this product the privilege to create the final unique product – Goral Vodka MASTER.

Great attention is also given to water selection for Goral Vodka MASTER– the highest quality of crystal clear water from High Tatras highland streams.


Mutual combination of these elements and also the time for harmonization, now the vodka can be used in 7 time microfiltration with the highest quality of natural filters. This filtration process is the most important part it refines and finalizes the production of this unbelievable vodka.


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The perfect production process starts with the selection of the best wheat which is turned into a highest quality ethanol with the special 7 times distillation process.

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You must be 18+ to purchase alcohol products!

Goral Vodka Master is seven-times distilled to produce crisp, clean destilate.


Goral Vodka Master is seven-times filtered using a combination of ancient and modern methods. The result is vodka of unrivaled purity  and charakter.

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