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The original high quality spirit and unique natural extract harmonises in itself traditional values of Spis regions with outstanding taste of juicy pear fruits from notorious orchards.

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The genuine juniper spirit is a Slovak tradition. The cradle of this tradition is the Spiš region with deep forests and sunlit meadows overgrown with juniper. The virgin nature has collected in these berries original purity and effervescence, inviting aroma and healing powers. The man has discovered this substance very early and made use of healing effects as disinfection and support of the digestive system.


The drink of kings – Juniper spirit Spiš – produced on the basis of original recipes dates from the second half of 18th century under the reign of the empress Maria Theresia. To her reign goes back the establishment of one of the first distilleries in our country. It was no accident that this manufacture was built in Stará ubova - one of the royal cities in the Spiš region. Here was distilled an excellent juniper spirit (gin) whose reputation had exceed the boundaries of Spiš. Curative effects, especially in case of stomach troubles, made this spirit popular among local gentry and even in the imperial court. Our company picked up the threads of these traditions and brings to the market a drink that can enjoy even most pretentious experts.


The production process of the Juniper spirit Spiš enter only high-quality components that are processed in manner allowing the final result as pure, sparkling and delicious aromatic drink. The unity of an old secret recipe and the modern technology access ends with the real treasure as the juniper spirit undoubtedly is – saving the best of the Spiš region for all of us.

The royal spirit made by centuries-old used worthful natures of healthy mature plums conceals strong taste with pits bouquet. So just one drop is enough to tickle all senses of fruit lovers in its liquid form.

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