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Tatra Balsam is a series of herbal liqueurs the basis of which comes from the well-known recipes of the under High Tatras region and are linked to the long-term tradition of indigenous medicinal liquors.

atra Balsam Citrus Tatra Balsam Bitter Tatra Balsam Liqueur Tatra Balsam Special 52 Tatra Balsam Wind Tatra Balsam Liqueur

The most important component of the Tatra Balsam liqueurs, in addition to high-quality spring water, are extracts of selected mountain herbs that give each of our products its own identity of flavour, aroma and origin. Its production is based on centuries treated domestic recipes of medicinal liqueurs, characterised by extracts from mountain herbs, flavored with various ingredients to soften taste, such as honey, cinnamon, lemon peel, anise, felwort.

Tatra Balsam Bitter

The word Balsam represents a word that refers to healing and is associated with health. Also, the word implicitly expresses the character of gentleness, care and thus positive emotions. The word tatra represents the Tatra region, characterised by a variety of herbs that are used in the preparation of various pharmaceutical products and medicines, herbal teas (Cyprian tea line) ...

atra Balsam Citrus

The liquer production has a long-term tradition in Northern Spis and is associated with the liquers production of the Morgenbesser family business - eg. Hokejka liquor. If someone doubts the truth of the company that dares to say that customer satisfaction and health is most important for them, and produces alcoholic beverages - liquor, it is necessary to add that the production of quality herbal liqueurs once belonged solely to pharmacists and almost every pharmacy used to have its own liquor or elixir specialty.

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You must be 18+ to purchase alcohol products!

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