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Maybe you have also witnessed a mock “raid by outlaws” in High Tatra mountain cottages. Basking in the Tatra locals’ hospitality, surrounded by traditional mountain air, you were taking in the unforgettable atmosphere sitting by the fire. Handsome young men in Goral felt hats offered you a strong beverage, the memory of which has remained with you to this day.


You must be 18+ to purchase alcohol products!

When you visit the High Tatras and their “outlaw Tatra chalets”, you will be offered as an aperitif the local specialty: hot tea made from Tatra herbs drenched in concentrated alcohol. For many years, we had been thinking about the idea of bringing this specialty to every home and business premises in Slovakia as a consumer product.


You must be 18+ to purchase alcohol products!

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Serving suggestions


Describing the taste and aroma of TATRATEA would mean denying you the enjoyment of tasting it yourself. It is possible to serve it chilled or with ice. The drink will show you its “true face” when you pour 150 ml of boiling water or hot tea over 50 ml of TATRATEA. Finally, it is a rewarding base for mixed drinks, whether you use cola, tonic, Sprite or even tea with a slice of lemon. Just allow your imagination to run wild.



Tatra Tea 2nd Series - Fruit Based


You must be 18+ to purchase alcohol products!

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You must be 18+ to purchase alcohol products!


        Tatra Tea

        3rd Series

- Herbal Based

  No sugar added


1st Series - Tea Based

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